Consultations- Sick Fish, Pond Advice, Pond Design

If you are a current customer of Hanover Koi Farms, and need help with sick fish or a sick pond this advice is free and part of our services to our loyal customers. A "current customer" is someone that purchases from us on a regular/yearly basis. This includes the purchases of fish, fish food, products etc.

For pond design consultations  there is a fee for anyone that wants me to design their new pond or redesign and existing one. You can read more details on pond design consultations below.

If you are not a current customer, and need fish or pond advice, there is a minimum $50 consult fee to be paid using the link below. We will contact you once the consult request order comes through.

Please note that we will not respond to any communications request advice be it by phone or email until this fee is paid. Once this fee is paid you will be contacted by the  phone or email  you entered on the online payment form.

If you otherwise choose not to be charged for a consultation this website has most of the info that you may ever need to possibly fix the problem yourself.  See the articles under "Koi/Pond Emergency" on the menu to the right, as these are very informative for just these types of things..

This web info is a free service but you have to read it to learn it!

Current returning customers may contact us directly, and at no charge for advice on sick fish and/or ponds.

Pond & Filtration Design 

As most of you are aware by now,  I am selling pond equipment, and most things Koi and pond related.....(worth having that is). I say "worth having" because unfortunately 98% of products sold for ponds and such are "snake oils", junk, and just plane crap! As well, and also unfortunate, the same holds true for pond equipment such as pumps, waterfalls, filters. liners etc! On top of this, and also very unfortunate, most places that sell these things give bad advice, sell you these "snake oils" at crazy marked up prices, and simply take advantage. Not all of these places are purposely taking advantage as they themselves were duped into thinking certain things work by the manufacturers of the snake oils, and crap equipment and products.

 As an example, most places that sell so called "pond salt" are ripping you off! You can get the same salt at Lowes for $5 for a 40lb instead of $10 to $20 for 5 lb. Most places that sell this are also selling many of the snake oils and such.

 While I am at it let's talk about the pond builders out there. The largest percentage of them as well do not have a clue in proper pond design and fish health. Now don't get me wrong, not all retail stores and pond builders are clue less. The ones that are good (the few that there are) know I am not referring to them. It's the ones that do not know what they are doing, and the ones that are ripping you off that will be the most offended by this writing. Aquascape trained pond builders are one of the worst! Avoid them if possible, but if you do decide to use them we  can help you tweak their design to a functional one prior to the start of the build.

The primary reason I am on this rant is because I am tired of hearing the horror stories of poor pond design and sick or dead fish because someone put in some "magic elixir"/ "snake oil" that the retail store sold them! Then at some point you come to me to fix the mess that someone else has created. This is not to mention that many folks have poorly designed and constructed ponds that are more septic systems then beautiful landscape features they are supposed to be! As well these same poorly designed ponds are very high maintenance as for keeping clean and healthy.( if it is even possible with the poor design). You are supposed to be able to see your fish, they are supposed to be in healthy water, and you should enjoy your ponds. You should not be continually working and cleaning them!

It is because of all the above that I now sell and design ponds and their associated equipment. Prior to this, I would only design very high end systems and charged a very hefty consulting fee for the same. I would then send them out to purchase the equipment elsewhere. In doing so, I discovered that too many places are selling them junk, or very marked up good equipment.

Now however, I will design your pond form a reasonable consulting fee. You will have a healthy, low maintenance, clear pond! However, there are some minimum requirements as for equipment needed/purchased to be able to guarantee this.

My promise is this;

"You will get the best equipment for a competitive price, and the best design possible with the budget you may have to work with."

What is a competitive Price

A competitive price is a fair price based on either MSRP or the average price that particular equipment is being sold for by most others. I say average, because there are some places out there that are selling things for what I pay for them! That makes it a little difficult to make a profit. Reality dictates of coarse that I make a fair and reasonable profit or my business will fail. Simple as that!. I cannot and will not even attempt to compete with places like and other bulk rate type places. These places, just like the Walmarts of the world are buying truck loads of the same equipment and getting drastically reduced costs from the manufacturers due to volume purchases. I simply cannot compete with that. On top of this they have forced the manufacturers to develop cheaper low grade products so that they can sell their products to these bulk places. So buyer beware, even though these products may look similar, they are not. They are made to cut costs, and this in turn leads to you getting inferior look-alike products.

You must understand that when you purchase something from me, you get "me" with it. I will totally support you after the sale in every respect. Try to call the Amazon.coms of the world and get support for the products they sell. Not going to happen. Number one, they know NOTHING about the products they sell so it is not even possible to give you support after the sale.

So you must understand as well that if you do acquire my consulting and design services I will stand by them and support the design and function of the system. However, if you choose to purchase the equipment elsewhere I will not support that equipment in any manner even if it is the equipment per my design. This means that you cannot call me if you have any problems with equipment purchased elsewhere. Please understand this clearly. I will only support my design and functionality in this case. Purchase the design and equipment from me, and you get 100% full support on every aspect of the pond and fish. You get me! So, make sure that in comparing apples to apples in shopping prices of equipment that you remember this important fact.

I can design any size pond from tiny watergardens to large commercial systems.

Here is how it works:

When you decide to upgrade your current pond, or build a complete new one, then simply contact me for the design. There will be a consulting deposit due immediately of $250. This may or may not be the total consulting fee depending on the design magnitude. I will let you know right up front what the total costs will be once I know the scope of the project.

The designs will include one-line schematics of the major plumbing if required, as well as equipment layout. I do not install ponds. I can however give some recommendations on qualified contractors that I work with on a regular basis.

Site visits by me will not be the norm, and will be totally at my discretion if i feel they are required. There may be an additional fee for site visits by me, and they will never be on weekends. Weekdays only, and only when absolutely required. My time is very limited due to the farm operations. In most cases the design can be done by phone and email with no problems.

 So, if you are thinking of building a new pond, or simply want to upgrade your existing one, I can be a great help. Don't make the mistake that many have and get a pond that is nothing but headaches due to poor design, and equipment. These Koi can live for 40 to 60  years, so you should do what you can to achieve this.