Beni Kikokuryu 6″-8″


A Beni Kikokuryu Standard Fin 6″-8″ long. You get the EXACT fish pictured here!

Shipping charges will be billed separately from the cost shown for the fish. Shipping can be expensive so you may want to get a quote prior to purchasing fish.

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A Beni Kikokuryu Standard Fin 6"-8" long. "Kikos" are one of our most popular breeds of koi, known for their combination of inky black and powdery/smoky black on a white base.  Additionally, a Beni Kiko will have a dark orange pattern on top of black and white.  A good Beni Kiko will have a well balanced pattern, with sharp edges that aren't messy or "blurry'.

Shipping can be costly, therefore we suggest you get a shipping quote prior to ordering fish. See the Shipping Tab for more information.

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