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Gift Certificate and Koi Food Sale! See Below for details!

Gift Certificate and Fish Food Pre-Buy Sale


10% OFF  Gift Certificates

Redeemable for anything we carry


It's that time of year again, and just in time for the holidays we are holding a Gift Certificate sale for a very limited time. All gift certificates from $100 face value and up will be priced at 10% OFF and free shipping of the certificate!

Please note that these reduced priced gift certificates themselves will be shipped for free, However they cannot be used for shipping costs or sales tax for any products purchased that require shipping. Shipping costs for the products themselves will be an additional charge and billed separately.



Other  Gift Certificates Available

Other certificates from $25 up to $75 are available as well that can be redeemed for anything we stock, but these are not on sale and offered at normal face value pricing. They make great holiday gifts! The Gift Certificates also ship for free!



Fish Food Pre-Buy Sale Coupons

For a very limited time only


We are also offering a sale on certificates/coupons for large 33lb bags of fish food at over 33% OFF! These 33lb bags normally sell for $148.50, but purchase one of these certificates now and pay only $99. This is only $3 per lb , and close to a $50 per bag savings for very high quality feed! As well, understand this is the ONLY fish food sale that will be held for the upcoming 2018 season, so don't miss your chance. These can be redeemed for one large 33lB bag of either type of feed we sell. (42% high protein  Mini pellets or our larger  30% protein color enhancing pellet)  There is no limit of the number of certificates that can be purchased per customer.



Here's How It Works



As stated this sale will run for a very limited time during the holidays only. You  purchase the certificates now, and redeem them anytime after April 1, 2018 when we get our first shipment of feed fresh from the mill.  Certificates are only good towards the large 33lb bags and no other size.


After purchasing one or more of these certificates during this sale, they can be redeemed anytime after April 1, 2018 by bringing them to the farm and picking up your feed, or they can be redeemed online though our online store, and the food will be shipped if that is what you prefer. Any shipping costs or sales tax will be an additional charge at the time you redeem the certificates in person or through the catalog online. Again however, understand that NO FEED WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL APRIL 1, 2018. After April 1 you can redeem these certificate at the farm or use them to order the feed online for shipping to your door at an additional cost for shipping.


Miss out on this limited time sale and  you will be paying full price for fish food once this sale ends, and for the rest of the season. So if I were you I would purchase as many certificates as you need to feed your fish all season long. Again , during this sale there is no limit per customer as to how many sale certificates you purchase. So if you normally use two or more large bags of feed per feeding season, you should purchase the appropriate number of certificates to take full advantage of these savings.


Click Here to Purchase Gift or Food Certificates


Happy Holidays Everyone



 Cool Nights Can Adversely Affect Your Filter

This time of year can see nighttime air temperatures dipping into the low 50s. Although a welcome break from the summer heat, these cold nights can be temporarily detrimental to your pond's biological filters. The "good" nitrifying bacteria that remove toxic Ammonia and Nitrite from the system can be killed off or made dormant by these sudden drops in temperature. With fewer bacteria to process these chemicals, Ammonia and Nitrite can quickly increase to toxic levels.
A number of steps should be taken to prevent fish loss due to Ammonia and Nitrite spikes caused by cold nighttime temps.
  1. Test you water for Ammonia and Nitrite more frequently, and definitely after cold nights. Remember, don't feed before testing it will skew your results.
  2. Have Ammonia binder and salt on hand to protect your fish from Ammonia and Nitrite spikes. Don't wait until there's an emergency to pick up these essentials. Ammonia binder can be bought online here or at the farm.
  3.  Hold off feeding you fish until midday or so, so that the water is warm enough for the bacteria to process ammonia effectively. Remember, food in the pond becomes ammonia whether it's eaten or not. When the water is cold in the morning, even if the bacteria is alive, it can be sluggish and won't process the ammonia as easily.
  4. Review the Science of Water Article (click here to go the article) so you can understand what's happening and can act quickly if (or rather WHEN) something goes wrong.
As always, be diligent and proactive to keep your fish healthy for years to come.

Chris & John
Hanover Koi Farms

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The New HKF

All winter long Chris and I have been working on this new website. Finally we are able to launch it in time for the upcoming 2017 season. It is not 100% complete but close to it! Every single article has been updated, and this includes new information added to each. As well, we have added tons of photos and videos to make learning about Koi a little more enjoyable. Not to mention I needed something to break up my long winded articles LOL. We added more symptoms with photos and videos to better help you diagnose any issues you may have with your fish. No one has a more comprehensive website for Koi!

Also new this season, in the near future we will be holding online auctions for Koi on the website! This feature will be available sometime after we open for the season and get the fish from the ponds to auction. These will primarily be larger fish or packages of multiple smaller fish. With an auction format you will have a much better chance of getting some great fish below retail!

We are Expanding!

In addition to the new website, the other big news this season is that we are growing the business and expanding our inventory! No, not more fish...we already have more of those than anyone Duh! We will have a very nice selection of pond plants again, including lilies and all the most popular varieties of water plants and marginals. Even bigger news is we will be carrying outdoor and pond associated statuary, chimaneas, bird feeders and much more as the season progresses! We also increased our pond equipment line as well!

More Fish Then EVER!

The retail tanks will be overflowing with thousands of great fish soon! We have more fish than ever, and many new varieties that you have not seen in a while. As usual, you will be pleasantly overwhelmed at our selection. No other place comes close to our selection of Koi and Butterfly Koi. We truly do have more fish in more varieties then you've ever seen!

It's worth the drive!

So, if you are looking for Koi or Butterfly Koi, you need to make the trip to the farm. We can say with confidence that you will not find a better selection ANYWHERE! We promise you will be delightfully overwhelmed at the huge selection and the great pricing! If you are within a day's drive of the farm, we would highly recommend you make the trip. No one has ever been disappointed! Many folks drive as long as eight hours or more to come here, and some even fly in to be able to personally pick their own fish. If for some reason you can't make the trip, you can always buy one of our package deals online, and we personally will pick an awesome variety of fish for you. You should also keep in mind, however, that we are also very close to Amish country in Lancaster, as well as historic Gettysburg. So you can even make it part of a long weekend or vacation and pick them yourself.