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We have lowered all of our fish prices for the 2018 season! They are now 10% to 50% lower than previous years! Click here to see!

The New HKF

Welcome to the new HKF website, the most informative website on the web when it comes to Koi! If you have never been here before, prepare to be blown away! If you have been here but not recently, make sure you check it out again. This entire site has been completely and recently updated and improved with lots of new articles, photos, and informative videos!

This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about Hanover Koi Farms, as well as all you ever wanted to know about Koi care and water quality management. There is quite a bit of information to take in, but we promise when you read this information, you will be well on your way to becoming a master ponder and fish keeper. More important, you will learn how to keep your fish alive and thriving.

Unfortunately, the Koi hobby is full of misinformation, partial truths, and simply bad advice, and this especially true since the advent of the Internet. There are many websites and Koi forums from which you can learn some things, but more often than not you will be given false and misleading information. Many garden centers and pet shops that sell Koi are also primary culprits of this misinformation. There are a few exceptions, but they are just that -- exceptions. Even the manufacturers of many Koi-related items like filters, water test kits, and other items associated with these fish are continually giving out this inaccurate advice and info. There are more "snake oils" sold to the hobbyist than there are good and needed products. This may all sound a bit arrogant on our part, but frankly we are tired of hearing all the sad stories of people killing their fish because of some bad information or product they received or purchased. Our website is here to help teach you the true science of Koi keeping. Once you learn the science, you will be able to sort through all the information out there and get to the facts and the truth.

Koi will live for as many as 40-60 years if they are kept healthy! However, statistically the average life of Koi in the U.S. is much shorter because most folks do not know the basics of keeping fish alive and healthy. We promise that if you learn the material in this website, you too can keep your fish healthy and thriving! We put this website together to help you learn all about Koi husbandry, BUT YOU HAVE TO READ IT TO LEARN IT.

Koi make great farm pond fish, as they help control algae. If you feed them, they will get very friendly too.

Hanover Koi Farms  is one of the largest retailers of Koi and Butterfly Koi (also known as Longfins) in the U.S. We have thousands of Koi on sale at any given time and available to the general public. We also carry more varieties of Koi as compared to most other dealers or breeders, and this gives you a selection that is almost overwhelming! Our retail Koi prices are competitive with most retailers who quarantine and treat their fish and that have comparable quality fish.

Did you know that Hanover Koi Farms breeds some of the best Longfins/Butterfly Koi in the world?

You will not find healthier fish anywhere! Every single fish is fully quarantined and temperature-cycled in specific temperature ranges to test for specific viruses. Most folks do not realize the importance of this temperature manipulation. There are some serious and deadly Koi viruses that only break in certain temperature ranges and/or when water temperature swings from cold to hot or vice versa. There is NO other place that does more to assure you get the healthiest fish possible. When it comes to Koi, we have one of the top bio-secure facilities in the country, and our quarantine protocol is second to none.

Also on this site in our online catalog you will find many hard-to-find Koi products and medications, all of which can be shipped directly to your door year round. You can also come and pick them up right at the farm, and see our fish and our operation in person. The farm is open every year around April 1st through the end of October for walk-in sales. Fish and products are for sale year round on this website, including during the winter months.

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Save 95% on your pond and fish needs and stop hurting your fish!

Not always by buying something...sometimes by NOT buying something!

I could not decide where to put this so that it would get your attention, so I decided to put it right here on the home page of the site. Even though it may completely destroy the flow and look of the home page,we feel it is critical you understand this as soon as possible.

      HKF sells anything you may ever need for your pond or fish, and this includes equipment for your new or existing pond.

I do not offer all of these things for sale online directly, as there are simply too many to feasibly list. So make sure you read this entire notice, check in our online store, or contact me by email or phone if you can't find what you are looking for. It will save you big time!

The Koi/pond/fish industry is destroying itself, and I am fighting feverishly to try and stop them from ruining this hobby for all of us. At the same time I am trying to stop you from wasting your hard-earned money. I will be as short and blunt as possible. I get many calls and emails from all over the world from people with fish and/or pond problems. Most of these problems occur because of what I am about to tell you.

Listen closely:

95% of everything sold associated with Koi, ponds, or fish in general is crap, hype, harmful, and a waste of money!

Think I am exaggerating? Well I'm not in the least. While you may consider this a bold statement, it is unfortunately true. Hopefully once you read through the rest of my website you will understand this to be factual, and not as bold as it may seem to you right now.

Keeping Koi, or any fish for that matter, is not complicated. It all comes down to a few simple things, like system design, water quality, and proper filtration. Understanding these basic things is the key to it all, and maintaining proper water quality through proper design and filtration is the  heart and soul of being successful. The rest of this website will teach you how to easily achieve this.

     Now with that said, please understand immediately that these things cannot be replaced with snake oils, magic elixirs, or the fairy dusts that are being sold to you by this industry. Yes, 95% of them are useless, and many are actually be harmful to your fish!

You do not need to add ANYTHING to your pond except for dechlorinator if you add water that contains chlorine, ammonia binder if you get ammonia, salt if you get nitrite or if your fish are sick, baking soda to maintain the proper kH/alkalinity and the occasional medications if your fish get sick. The PROPER medications, that is. Again, most of them sold by other places are not. If they advertise them as cure-alls, I can tell you right now they are not. There is simply no medication that will cure everything. Most pathogens require specific treatments. In most cases there are three types of medications you will need.

You must also understand that even with these few items, you should be careful about what you buy. For example, salt. Some places sell "pond salt." This is not special salt designed for ponds, it is simply salt that is repackaged and sold for a ridiculous price under this made up name. You can go to Lowe's and get the exact same salt for 95% less! This is just one of many examples.

Do not buy anything with the words "microbe," "enzymes," "beneficial bacteria," "flocculent," or other such things in the name. Also in my opinion I would avoid buying anything sold by Aquascape, Inc. They are ripping you off with a whole line of "snake oils." You are wasting your money and hurting your fish. There is simply no other thing in liquid or powder form, pills or otherwise, that you need to or should put in your pond other than what I have mentioned above.

Have an Aquascape pond? Most watergardeners do. No worries though, as we can show you how to improve their poor design and function in other sections of this website.

Other items like barley straw, barley straw extract, tea oil (a.k.a. Melafix), most algae treatments (especially Algae Fix), copper ionization units for algae control, Microbe Lift, etc. should not be purchased either. The list goes on and on!

Places that sell these types of things are ripping you off, either intentionally or, as with most of them, out of ignorance. Hopefully this website will help you sort through all the hype, speculation, twisted science, wives' tales, and myths that are being preached to you by these other places that sell Koi as well as many of the manufacturers of these useless and harmful products and equipment. Hopefully this website can help you sort through all the hype and confusion, and make this hobby much less expensive and enjoyable for you. So make sure you check out all the information available here on this site, and happy Koi keeping!